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Complete facade systems

STONE FACADE SYSTEMS : Fischer’s FZP undercut anchor is ideal for granite as thin as 20mm, dense limestone as well as 2” Indiana limestone, bluestone, sandstone, and quartzite. The stress free FZP undercut anchor suspended on an aluminum sub frame is ideal for problem substrates. It allows for exterior insulation with minimal penetrations of the insulation envelope and delivers an open joint ventilated facade which is thermally efficient. The panels are interchangeable and repairable. Ideal for retail storefronts and store interiors to accommodate client changes.

System One Framework : The System One framework is an integral part of the ACT system technology. It is designed for high loads, for large size natural stone panels and for spanning non-bearing structural elements. The system can be used with all substructures such as concrete, grout filled CMU’s and structural steel studs. Our reveal angle brackets are used to mechanically fix corners, column covers, window & door jambs and reveals. No more waiting for glues and epoxies to set up

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